Give me a Sign!!!

We have been asked by many members of the public, what they should do when they witness pollution within the River Tawd.

So, we have designed these little info plaques and fixed them along some of the main bridges that cross the river.

On these plaques you will see the Environment Agency’s hotline telephone number and a “What3Words”unique code location for the bridges. Each bridge has their own unique code.

If you find yourself witnessing pollution in the river, please phone the number on the plaque and when the officer taking your call asks for your location, you can give them the “What3Words” unique code.

We have done this to make it easy for you to report a pollution event if you ever see one, and it also makes it easier for the EA officer to locate your position, too.

We really hope you don’t need to use the plaques, but they’re there if you ever do.

Thank you.