Recent Wildlife Sightings – 07/01/2024

Written by: Cornelius Jones

It’s been a quiet few weeks in the Tawd Valley, with the cold and wet weather keeping most of the wildlife out of view and sheltering from the conditions. No mammals have been seen lately other than the Grey Squirrels, which are present throughout the Valley. However, a variety of birds continue to show themselves despite the less-than-ideal weather – Saturday’s FoTV volunteers saw a pair of Kestrels patrolling the Valley together, being very vocal and even chasing a Sparrowhawk out of the woods and onto the Yewdale estate – this pair was also seen on the same day near the Community Orchard. Buzzards continue to be seen over the Valley from the Manfield Allotments, soaring and calling above the woodland. Jays can be heard squabbling in the trees off Summer Street, not far from the rookery near Lathom High – the Rooks from this site seem to be communally feeding on the field between Tanfields and the main road. Woodpeckers have been seen flying between the Valley and Yewdale to feed. A cock Pheasant has also been in the area around Half-Mile Island.

As always, if you see anything interesting in the Park, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always happy to hear reports of wildlife sightings.