The Big Bat Walk

Saturday night saw FoTV host its first event of the year – The Big Bat Walk.

Just under 30 attendees met at Tawd Valley Allotments at 8pm to listen to Billinge Bat Rescues – Harold and Mike, who gave a talk and a Q&A on bats that inhabit the British Isles.

The talk held the audience captive with its interesting and educational facts and information. Did you know that there are 18 different species of bat in the UK? Wow!!! Harold and Mike encouraged everyone to ask questions and members of the public came out with some real belters. None of which troubled the bat duo though, who were both very knowledgeable in their chosen field.

After the talk and Q&A had ended, Harold and Mike with the help of WLBC Park Ranger – Chris, very carefully showed the group two common pipistrelle bats that they had brought with them. When everyone had a chance to have a look and take some photos, it was time to hand out the bat detectors that Chris had kindly brought with him for the evenings event and head on out for the guided bat walk around Tawd Valley Park.

Pipistrelle Bat – Britain’s smallest bat species

The route took the bat party right at the allotment gates towards the yellow bridge and down into the wooded valley towards Mill Lane Bridge. At first all was quiet, but as the team turned right again at the bridge and along the River Tawd, that’s when the bat detectors picked up their first bat signals and the clicking sounds began.

The first pipistrelle made its fluttery appearance as the clicking prompted the group to look up towards the sky and low and behold “Pipi” was weaving in and out of the parks trees looking for tasty moths and other small insects to eat.

As the walk continued along the River Tawd and towards Houghton’s Road Bridge, more and more bats made their presence known, as the bat detectors buzzed and clicked in unison, much to the excitement of the guided walkers.

The walk carried on under the bridge and up to the community fruit orchid and meeting place area, before completing a full circle and ending back at the allotment gates.

Guided Bat Walk

The evening finished with Q&A’s about the walk and what was just experienced before the event wound down with thank yous and goodbyes.

FoTV would like to say a massive thank to Harold and Mike of Billinge Bat Rescue, Ranger Chris and everyone who joined us to make it a fantastic event. We really hope everyone found our first event of 2022 both educational and entertaining.

Please check our “Whats On” page to see what other events FoTV will be hosting in the coming months.

Billinge Bat Rescue