The New Tawd Times

Unfortunately, due to a technical error, the Friends of Tawd Valley website has been down for the last few days, and we have fell behind with some of our updates. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. The tech support has been absolutely fantastic though and we can’t thank them enough for getting us back online so swiftly.

Anyway, so without further a do, lets get you all up to speed on all the great things happening down in Tawd Valley Park.

15th September – Lets kick off with Team Tawd and Ranger Chris putting the finishing touches to the new fence near to where the weir was. The site is now a lovely little stop off near to the end of the park with comfy wooden benches, an amazing art piece to admire and a beautifully stunning backdrop to gaze upon. What more could you want? Maybe, an Atlantic Salmon jumping up the river Tawd is a little too much to ask. Hopefully, one day. Fingers crossed.

16th September – Next up, the day after, Mark Champion of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and our very own Mike were keen to follow on with the species recording (after bio-blitz) at the Half-Mile Lake. They knew there were more fish species within the lake, but because of the time restraints of the bio-blitz they couldn’t explore further. So, this time in a more relaxed manner, they managed to catch a number of Roach, Rudd and Bream. They also caught a Perch, which is the first officially recorded for the lake. We know Carp and Russian Sturgeon inhabit here too, but they didn’t catch them this time around.

The Half-Mile Fishing Lake is great for fishing, birdwatching, improving mental well-being, picnics and so much more – But first and foremost it is a home for wildlife. Can we ask that all users of the lake please dispose of their litter, unwanted fishing tackle and/or rubbish in the bins provided or please take it home with them.

Wildlife can get trapped and entangled in plastic packaging and fishing line, suffocate in plastic bags, cut themselves on sharp objects and get stuck in discarded gum. Litter can damage homes and nests of our local wildlife too.

This fishing line, amongst other rubbish was found scattered over multiple fishing pegs over the fishing weekend.

Please dispose of all rubbish properly. Thank you.

22nd September – Team Tawd were out putting the finishing touches to the wooden handrails on the new steps near Houghtons Road bridge. They did a splendid job and it’s looking really good that way. Make sure to check them out next time you’re up that way.

The past week or so we’ve had a strange flow in the river Tawd. There’s definitely something not right as of late. What looks to be a large sediment issue has occurred on 3 separate occasions within the last week or so.

If you see any form of pollution in the river Tawd or any river for that matter, then please, please report to the Environment Agency’s Emergency Hotline on 0800 80 70 60. Your phone call could really help getting to the bottom of this issue. Thank you.

All pollution incidents that we’ve come across have been reported.

6th October – Yet again, Team Tawd and Ranger Chris were out in force strimming the meadow, ready for raking off tomorrow by our Saturday volunteers. Great job everyone.

7th October – Saturday saw the hard work of our FoTV volunteers as they carried on from yesterdays strimming and raking of the wildflower meadow. Friends of Tawd Valley wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff they do if it weren’t for our volunteers. We really can’t thank them enough. We want our volunteers to know that we appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you so much.

And, that is your lot! You have caught up with all things going on with Friends of Tawd Valley. We really hope you enjoyed reading our latest blog and we hope you’ll come back soon for a really heart-warming story we’d love to share with you. More will be revealed in the near future.