Wetland Work-out

The rain stayed away on Saturday morning whilst our team of epic volunteers gathered behind the allotments on Ashurst to begin digging the long and narrow drainage trench for the wetland/scrape project.

WLBC Ranger Chris and Team Tawd had prepped the ground on Friday, by spray painting red marker lines on where they wanted the trench digging to and from. So, the volunteer team had no trouble at all in getting stuck in on the day.

When FoTV hosted a pop-up stall at the Pride of Skelmersdale event held at the Concourse Shopping Centre, last month, we had the pleasure and honour of meeting a fantastic fellow called Ian Gamester. Ian is currently working on a local project – The Skelmersdale Heritage Project. He has been going around and engaging with people and communities who live in Skem, and photographing and documenting those who are keen to share their stories of our town.

Ian took some photos on the day and asked our volunteers about their thoughts and views about Skelmersdale and what the future holds for the town. We would like to thank Ian for taking the time out to visit us and we are truly honoured and grateful for involving FoTV in his upcoming project. We really look forward to seeing the finished results.

Due to the fantastic work of the volunteers, the trench was finished on the day. The trench will make a great addition to the wetland/scrape, and will collect water from the surrounding fields, divert it to the wetland area, where it will be cleaned and filtered before entering the river Tawd.

Parkin Cake was enjoyed afterwards. Yum!!!