Wintery Weekly Round-up

This update is definitely a short, but sweet one. First up, WLBC Parks and Countryside Ranger Service shared a really informative post from Skem First Gazette following on from the news of fish being released at Chequer Lane Lake. Check out the link below:

Skem First Gazette – The Dangers of Releasing Non-native Fish into Skelmersdale’s Waterways

The ranger service went on to say “As well intentioned as this act probably was, we urge people to please talk to us before undertaking any kind of action on our sites. There are methods behind the management of all our sites which focus around conversation, site safety as well as other factors.

We love that the community want to contribute to the management and maintenance of our sites so if you have any idea which you feel would benefit the area then please get in touch to talk it through with us”.

It’s definitely food for thought.

Next up, Friday saw just two members of Team Tawd working with Rangers Chris and Hallam carrying out more repairs to the path along the river. The Rangers provided guidance and expertise, their knowledge and experience was invaluable in ensuring the repairs were done effectively. Check out the photos below:

That’s it for this update. Check back soon for more going on in Tawd Valley Park.