WLBC Dog Festival

Friends of Tawd Valley was invited by the Park Rangers Service to set up a stall at the WLBC Dog Festival at Beacon Country Park, today. The rain stayed away and the event was a massive success with hundreds of people and dogs attending.

We did our best to get the FoTV name out there and promote all the great work that’s happening within the Tawd Valley Park.

The event hosted many canine friendly stalls, from local independent dog food and accessory specialists, The Dogs Trust and a few human friendly stalls, such as The Gourmet Burger and Doughnuts and Drinks van, too.

The main attraction being the dog show, which was front and centre of the event. The dogs put on a great performance on the agility circuit. It was very exciting. Congratulations to the dogs and their owners if they were one of the lucky winners of the many awards that went out on the day.

Thank you to all who visited our stall and thank you to the Ranger Service for the invite. It was much appreciated to be involved in such a well organised event.