A Rivers Journey

Have you ever wondered where the River Tawd flows and meanders to after it disappears into the inky shadows of the Cobbs Clough Road Tunnel? If your answer is – Yes, then please continue to read below.

The River Tawd looks to start its 8 mile journey near to Crawford village, rolling in and out of culverts below the Pimbo Industrial Estate and the town of Skelmersdale. It fully re-emerges next to the towns police station where it continues its rumbling journey through the heart of Tawd Valley Park. Just before making its exit from the park, it plunges down Cobbs Clough Road Weir and this is where the river eventually succumbs to the darkness of the aforementioned tunnel.

Cobbs Clough Road Tunnel

Upon leaving the concrete cave it crosses the boundaries from Skelmersdale and into Lathom. Here the Tawd passes a few residential dwellings as it heads on to the Tawd Vale Adventure Centre and continuing under Course Lane Bridge. Another boundary is crossed here as it marches from Lathom and onto Hoscar. It takes a trip under the Leeds to Liverpool Canal and sweeps through not far from The Frog & Dog Secure Play and Training Field.

The rivers sandy bottom at Wanes Blades Road

The River Tawd never tiring but approaching its journeys end, advances on briefly running below Deans Lane Bridge and gently rambling along the edge of Wanes Blades Road. It is here the mighty River Tawd becomes one with the beautiful and powerful River Douglas.

The River Tawd meets the River Douglas just beyond this bridge

The River Douglas with the energy gained from the River Tawd thunders on to its destination of the River Ribble and eventually the Irish Sea.

I hope you agree when I say – That is one hell of a journey.