Battering the Balsam

The rain held off for FoTV and volunteers on Saturday as they continued with the important work of Balsam Bashing down in Tawd Valley Park.

The morning began at the classroom with a tool box talk from FoTV Chairman – Terry Lake. He explained what areas where in need of a good bashing, he also went through health and safety and other important info, before the group got going in the direction of the valley bottom.

The team started near Houghton’s Road Bridge and made their way towards Summer Street. Piles and piles of balsam started to build as everyone got stuck in to try and rid the park of the invasive plant species.

The bashing continued into the afternoon, before ending the day with refreshing drinks and birthday cake brought in from one of our volunteers. It went down a treat. Yum, Yum.

Thank you so much to all involved today.