Pollution Panic!!!

After the recent pollution incident on the River Tawd, FoTV were keen to conduct a kick sampling session to determine the affects it had on the rivers health and it’s wildlife.

Results showed that the number of invertebrates, such as freshwater shrimp and olive mayfly nymph had dropped slightly, but there were still a good number of cased and caseless caddisfly larvae present.

We did have a really positive result – We caught another stone loach (fish). Hopefully this shows that when there is a pollution event on the Tawd, fish and other water-life are finding ways to hide away from and survive it.

Stone Loach

Thank you to all members of the public who took the time to phone the Environment Agencies emergency hotline phone number upon witnessing the pollution event within the River Tawd.

Don’t forget this Saturday 9th July 2022 at 2pm, we are holding a community kick sampling event. This will give the community a chance to see what beasties live within our river.