Blog Blast!

As the rain continues to batter us, we all soldier on and look ahead to better and sunnier days to come. Until that day comes how about you get comfy with a nice hot drink and catch up on what we’ve been doing here at Friends of Tawd Valley.

Mid July saw our tremendous Team Tawd folk cracking on in the rain with good ole Ranger Chris strimming the path edges and Himalayan Balsam in Cobbs Clough near to the old weir. Great work achieved by all. Our very own Don commented saying “It’s a little disheartening though to see the damage done by vandals to the new fence”. We can all agree, Don, it is disheartening and frustrating that a minority are wanting to ruin the park for others.

Not to worry, it can and will be fixed. Moving on…

The Ribble Rivers Trust has released their much anticipated OUR Douglas project press release. It talks about the eight weirs that have been removed or modified within the river Douglas catchment, Cobbs Clough Weir being one of them. The cloughs weir is mentioned in the release, along with a quote from our very own Mike Flaherty. Find the full press release in the link below:

Breaking down barriers in the River Douglas Catchment – Ribble Rivers Trust (

Days after the Ribble Rivers Trusts fantastic article was sent out into the world, The Wild Trout Trout Trust published a terrific article which puts the River Tawd, Tawd Valley Park and Friends of Tawd Valley at the front and centre. An absolutely brilliant read. We highly recommend you giving it a look in the link below:

Trout in the Town: Friends of Tawd Valley | Wild Trout Trust

Everyone at Friends of Tawd Valley would just like to say a massive thank you to both the Ribble Rivers Trust and The Wild Trout Trust for all the hard work and time that has gone into writing this material.

As you may remember at the beginning of this blog, we mentioned the RAIN…?! Well, The rain definitely played its part last weekend. Some might even say that it overplayed its part. Last week saw the arrival of the highly anticipated West Lancashire Green Fayre – A well planned and organised annual event that spans over two days. Saturday saw a tremendous turn-out despite the rainfall and waterlogged ground. The Rangers, volunteers, stallholders and public really fought hard and their efforts made it a brilliant and memorable day. Unfortunately, we couldn’t say the same about Sunday. Sunday was over before it even started. Organisers held an emergency safety meeting in the early hours of the morning and were forced into cancelling the Green Fayre for its last day. The sheer amount of rainfall was just too much and the ground just could not cope. Friends of Tawd Valley just want to say a massive thank you to WLBC and to the ranger service for all the hard graft they put into the run-up and execution of the event. And even though it never went as planned, the people of West Lancs are still very appreciative to you. Here’s to the Skem Show at the end of the month! It’ll be a belter.

The Green Fayre was also Amy Carroll’s last event as a WLBC ranger. She is off to travel the world. Friends of Tawd Valley would like to wish Amy all the best for the future, safe travels and the best of luck. Amy made a massive impact on us all, she really will be missed.

And with that brings the end to our updates this week. We hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and make sure to check back soon for more FoTV adventures.