Cake and Catch-up

We start off this mammoth update with Team Tawd as they proudly continue to expand, welcoming another volunteer into the ranks. Last Friday, the team joined up with Ranger Chris again to continue working on the willow spiling which will prevent further erosion of the river bank, provide fantastic habitat for fish and invertebrates and help improve the water quality of the river. Great work everyone and thank you.

The other week FoTV was up and out for 5:20am to help on the WLBC Ranger Service hosted Dawn Chorus event. It was led by the fantastic local wildlife expert and enthusiast – Graham Clarkson.

The group used apps – iNaturalist and Merlin to help with identifying some bird species. If you would like to find out more about how to use the iNaturalist app, why not join us in the classroom where we will be hosting an iNat training session very soon.

Next up, Inclusive Learning students from West Lancashire College has been working with FoTV over 3 days, where they have planted, painted, construction and done a general tidy up of our lovely local parkland. Well done to everyone involved. We were over the moon that they came to visit and we really hope the whole team enjoyed themselves.

It’s no surprise that Team Tawd have been at it again. This time they were out in force along with Ranger Chris litter picking throughout the valley. As always, absolutely great work everyone. Thank you to all involved.

At the last volunteer Saturday just gone, we did something different for our volunteers. Our very own Cornelius gave us a talk on how to use the iNaturalist app. The app is designed for people to record, share and discuss their observations of nature. Following his talk volunteers were invited to take a walk in the valley and try out the app. Thank you Cornelius for a very informative talk, much appreciated.

Meanwhile, some volunteers decided to do some hedge trimming behind the classroom to ensure safe access, a big thank you to them too.

On the same day, The Friends of Tawd Valley invited Victoria from Tawd Valley Developments Ltd to the classroom, so we could show our appreciation for the very generous donation of a storage cabin for FoTV from TVD Ltd.

The support of the community and local businesses is essential for FoTV to continue its excellent work. Once again, many thanks to Victoria and TVD Ltd.

Now we head down into the river as the second riverfly survey of the season has been done and dusted. Results continue to be uploaded onto a national database and the information collected will help in improving our waterways.

The Year 4 students at St. James Primary School had a visit from two FoTV volunteers, last week. They told the children all about their work and talked about how they could help. It was a lovely start to ours and their week and has inspired them to look after the natural beauty in our town.

Moving on, Team Tawd split up into three groups on Friday to install information boards in the valley. Ranger Chris was on hand to supply the tools and materials ensuring they were installed securely. The boards inform people about the valley and wildlife they can expect to see. A big thank you to to everyone for their efforts not forgetting Mike Flaherty and Ranger Hannah who put together all the information and designed the layout of the boards.

A amazing example of teams collaborating and working together to achieve this brilliant milestone.

On the second Kingfisher Club of the year, the children discovered all about invertebrates that live on land, in the air and beneath the water. The children watched a presentation, completed some arts and craft activities, looked at some freshwater invertebrate trays and explored what creepy crawlies live in the bug hotel located at the community fruit orchard. We hope they had a fantastic time and they went away with a smile on their faces.

Did you know that the Kingfisher Club has its very own TikTok page, showcasing all the great things they are up to in the valley? Why not check it out in the link below: TikTok – Make Your Day

As we come to an end of this jam packed blog update, we would like to thank each and everyone of you who come back time and time again to read about all the brilliant things that are happening in the Tawd Valley Park. We would also like to thank everyone for all their support and help over the years. FoTV wouldn’t be where it is today without people and communities like you. We hope to see you soon.