Recent Wildlife Sightings – 28/05/2024

It’s an exciting time in the Tawd Valley! First of all for some mammal sightings – our volunteers have recently been using a camera trap to watch wildlife, and it has been confirmed that both Roe and Fallow Deer are present within the Park. Furthermore, a number of Hares have returned, and the Grey Squirrels are as numerous as ever. Our volunteers have been continuing eternal vigilance on the banks of the River Tawd for any signs of American Mink, and I am happy to report that we have seen no recent evidence of this species – although the tracks of Brown Rat are still ever present.

Tawny owls and Kestrels continue to hold a strong presence within the Valley, as well as Buzzards, which can often be seen in the area surrounding the Manfield Allotments. Down below the canopy, passerines – small birds, such as tits and finches – are busy raising young, and Kingfishers have been sighted along the River a few times. Excitingly, an adult Dipper was sighted recently, flying between Summer Street and Houghton’s Road flyover – a very exciting find. Woodpeckers continue to drum loudly on trees and a Mallard has been seen in the Summer Street area with ten ducklings in tow – a lovely sight, and great to see successful breeding on the River itself.

The first young newts of the year have been recorded in the Valley, as well as a whopping six adults – both Smooth and Palmate – beneath just one log at one of our reliable sites. Frogs have also been using ponds throughout the Valley.

Some may argue that insects are a true herald of Spring, and this is clear in the Valley – butterflies of several species are plentiful, and recently, the first Damselflies of the year have appeared on our ponds.

Please do let us know if you encounter any interesting wildlife down in the Valley – we’re always keen to hear what calls our community’s green space home.