News Roundup

It’s been a while since we last dropped a FoTV update, so we have a lot to get through. Without further ado lets dive right in on all things Tawd Valley Park.

Way back in mid-May, Team Tawds task, led by Ranger Chris, was the replacement of the steps adjacent to Houghton’s Road and leading to the “Houghtons Road Pond” or “Brick Lane Pond”. Thank you to West Lancashire Borough Council Community Chest that has made this possible. We really appreciate the funding.

Towards the end of May there was even more step work – Team Tawd and Ranger Chris got to work maintaining and clearing the steps leading down into the valley from Cobbs Clough Road. The before and after looks amazing. Well done to all involved.

And Team Tawd don’t stop there, because it’s that time of year again when we start to tackle the Himalayan Balsam. With the help of Ranger Chris they started pulling up the balsam by hand to try and control the spread of this invasive, fast growing plant which poses a significant threat to native biodiversity. This work is crucial in preserving the ecological balance and ensuring the valley remains a vibrant habitat for its native species. Many thanks to everyone for their efforts in this activity.

The day after was the turn of our hard working volunteers of all ages, as they started the beginning of June off on the right foot and continued to deal with the problem of the invasive Himalayan Balsam in the valley. Their rewards were the satisfaction of knowing they had done something positive for their local environment and at the end a refreshing drink, a few biscuits and some pleasant chat. Well done everyone and thank you for all your efforts.

The second week of June brought with it our annual FoTV Teddy bears Picnic. Thank you to all the children who brought their bears and their adults. Special days are made like this.

Next up, As we marched into mid- June. Team Tawd were hard at it again, as they continued to tackle Himalayan Balsam.

Team Tawd joined forces with Ranger Chris again yesterday to tackle some important issues in the valley, starting with the repair of the vandalised fence near the culvert. Working together they ensured the area remains safe and well maintained for all visitors.

Next they turned their attention to a pressing environmental concern: litter. The photos show just how bad the problem had become around the bike track. The sheer volume of rubbish is a stark reminder of the disrespect some individuals show towards our beautiful valley.

Finally, some Balsam Bashing was carried out too in an attempt to restrict the spread of this invasive species.

And as we draw this update to a close – Today, FoTV’s very own Riverfly Rangers conducted the third riverfly survey of the season down on the River Tawd, this morning. Again, the results have been uploaded onto a national database and the information collected will help in improving our waterways.

Thank you once again for taking the time to catch up on all things Friends of Tawd Valley. Check back soon for more updates on the goings on down in Tawd Valley Park.