Committee Meetings

Moving forward FoTV would like to share our committee meeting minutes. This will help you better understand and keep you up to speed with what FoTV have been doing in-between volunteer and event days. Please see January 2023’s FoTV committee meetings minutes below and keep checking back monthly for future meeting minutes:

Minutes of meeting held on January 17th 2023

PRESENT: T. Lake, M. Flaherty, C. Jones, R. Newby, D. Taylor, E. Brookes,
D. Brookes, C. Cooper

APOLOGIES: P. Meadows, J. Maher, D. Gibson


  1. Apologies received- as above
  2. Minutes and matters arising from previous meeting:
    • DB reported that the trees awarded to FoTV by Woodland Trust will be delivered between 6th and 17th March. Consider extra Volunteer Session to plant these? Local College and Scout Group already expressed interest in being involved.
    • Update from Ranger Hannah reported to committee re various funding applications, Cobbs Clough Weir art project and funding for cycle training- Learn to Ride and Cycle Leader First Aid Training. Expressions of interest welcome
    • Volunteer Christmas Coffee Morning- disappointment that not many “new” people turned up to see what the work of FoTV is achieving. Thinking caps on for next December!
    • Boxing Day Walk- was a great success with over 30 walkers and some of their dogs enjoying a ramble through the valley. AGREED it become an annual event and that maybe a couple of other walks to different parts of the valley could be organised during the coming months. Observed that we will in future need to ensure there are front and back “checkers” to keep group together and noting if any walkers leave before end of walk. RN thanked for organising the route
  3. Chairs Report- TL wished all present a Happy New Year.
    • TL reported that electricity has finally been connected to the Community Classroom. One of the automatic shutters is not working and this has been reported to the Rangers. No date as yet for water to be connected.
    • TL also reported that contact from W Lancs College had met with him at allotment site re collection of wood for students to use to make bird/bat boxes and flower containers etc. Committee AGREED that if college incurred any additional costs in this project FoTV would make contribution.
    • College had also provided info about a metal storage container which looks suitable for our needs. EB to look into this and £365.00 cost is affordable.
    • TL has been contacted by Ranger Amy to ask if next volunteer session in February could be tidying up of Elmers Clough. AGREED as long as not just litter picking but actual cutting back of vegetation and repairing of footpaths as this attracts more volunteers. TL agreed to discuss this with the Rangers. Meeting point Woodlands School and volunteers to bring own refreshments.
  4. Treasurer’s Report- DT advised that there had been no major financial movement over the Christmas period. The LEF invoice has arrived and been forwarded to WLBC. FoTV finances are solvent with several funding bids in progress.
  5. Classroom update- mostly covered under matters arising.
    • AGREED that in near future committee members meet up at the Classroom to get furniture and equipment installed and how to operate some of the equipment.
    • TV being delivered and installed on Jan 27th. Need to install extra shelving in the kitchen- EB to remind son about this!
    • TL to speak to Dan Massey about an official opening date for the Classroom so that we can invite Councillors, Sponsors, the Press, Schools and Members to the event.
    • AGREED that the committee looks at setting up a Classroom Management sub group to look after all aspects of the classroom once it is up and running.
  6. Policies and Procedures – MF and DT to look at a way of sharing and/or storing electronically FoTV Pols and Proc. Minutes of this meeting could be shared as a blog – AGREED.
  7. Trout Trust and Douglas Partnership update- MF suggested that a Community Riverfly Survey be held again this summer and proposed August 26th- AGREED
    • MF also reported Dalton St Michaels and St Cuthbert’s School in Wigan now have “Trout in the classroom tanks” installed. These tanks allow for the safe development of trout eggs which hopefully will lead to more fish in local rivers. The Trust is looking for a local secondary school to take part- CC to contact Lathom HS but may be a bit too late for this year.
    • MF together with Ranger Hannah and Samuel from the Trust had met with Groundworks contact for advice on pond plants and ways of preventing drying out of ponds and pools. A £2.5k fund is available to buy Marsh Marigolds and Common Reeds plus pond dipping kits. Brambles around Houghton Road pond need removing and picnic bench to be installed.
    • Cobbs Clough Weir- potential contractor to remove the weir has been identified. Approval to commence is likely and work will commence around Easter and should take approx. 3 weeks. Samuel has asked FoTV for help to come up with nature themed ideas that we can do with local children aged 10-14 years. There is a small funding pot available to help with this project of £350. More updates to follow.
    • Douglas Valley Partnership have requested use of the classroom for their meeting on March 2nd – AGREED
  8. AOB- arrangements discussed for getting fold up table, stands and leaflets to the Pride of Skelmersdale event in the Concourse this coming Saturday Jan 21st. TL will bring those on Saturday morning and various members of the committee will man the stall from 10am to 2pm. AGREED that a funding opportunity for some apple trees be pursued.
  9. Date of next committee meeting – Tuesday 21st of February in the Community Classroom!