You all know what time it is! Its time to discover about all the weekly goings on in Tawd Valley Park.

Last Saturday saw our volunteers come together at the Mountain Bike Track in Tawd Valley Park to get stuck in pulling out the invasive non-native plant known as Himalayan Balsam…

Under the radiant sunshine, the volunteers armed with gloves, bags and an unwavering determination, set out to combat the invasive Himalayan Balsam and try and restore the natural balance of the park, as well as cleaning up any litter they came across.

Afterwards, refreshments were served, a well earned reward for their efforts and the volunteers sat back and the conversation flowed freely.

Tuesday morning saw FoTV, WLBC Ranger Service and Groundwork join wildlife filmmakers from Salford University to take video footage of the Brown Trout, Chub and other fish species that can be seen at the bottom of Cobb’s Clough Weir.

Then the afternoon consisted of performing a WHPT invertebrate river survey at the bottom of the weir to document the river-life that is present before the hopeful removal of the weir. We even had some very small fish fry in our trays. Very exciting!!!

Friday saw Team Tawd and Ranger Chris at the Greenhill in Old Skelmersdale. They got to work planting some plum and apple trees. Fingers crossed they all survive the severe heat we have been experiencing from the weather.

And last, but not least, we were back on the River Tawd. We were continuing with further advanced WHPT riverfly surveying just upstream of Cobb’s Clough weir on Saturday. This is being done to record the invertebrate life in the river Tawd before the upcoming removal of the weir.

It’s been a busy week once again, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Thank you for taking the time to read our blogs on a daily basis. We really appreciate your support. Check back soon for more Tawd news. Bye for now!