FoTV leading the (path)way

This weekend has been a very busy one for Team Tawd, FoTV and our amazing volunteers. Friday and Saturday saw the creation of a pathway to connect the Meeting Place Picnic Area to the other main public footpaths in the area.

On Friday, Team Tawd along with WLBC Ranger Chris got to work using the turf cutter machinery to produce the outline, width and direction that the path was planned to take. They also removed a great deal of turf that day and placed it upside down near to our newly planted tree saplings to create a long beetle bank.

A beetle bank is a raised strip of grassy land that provides a home for invertebrates, small mammals and birds throughout the year. They provide shelter and create small wildlife corridors between habitats. Find out more about Beetle Banks here: Beetle Banks | Conservation Advice For Farmers – The RSPB

Saturday saw the might of the FoTV volunteer army, joined by WLBC Ranger Ben, as they marched on adding to the fabulous efforts from Friday. The day started off with the continued removal of the cut turf, which was again used in the building of the beetle bank. This was followed by adding tonnes of gravel to the newly cut pathway and then seeing it whacked down to produce a solid, stable, safe walkway.

The weekend saw the pathway nearing completion, but just not quite. Hopefully, the path will be finished in the coming weeks or so. Thank you to Fridays Team Tawd, Rangers, FoTV and our volunteers for such a powerful effort in getting the newly laid pathway to were it is now. It looks absolutely fantastic.

Keep coming back to be updated on all things Friends of Tawd Valley. If you would like to help in the ongoing projects within Tawd Valley Park, then please visit our volunteering section on this website.