Team Tawd’s Track Tune-up – Part 2

Friday seen the continuation of the pathway maintenance project currently happening down in Tawd Valley Park.

WLBC Ranger Chris organised a mini digger, powered wheelbarrow and a whacker plate along with deliveries of stone and gravel. Chris and Team Tawd then got to work digging out a new path line to shift the path away from the edge of the bank, where there has been significant erosion. They then went on to create a ditch to protect the path during heavy rainfall.

As the project steamed ahead a weed membrane was laid then, using the powered barrow and ordinary wheelbarrows stone was put down, topped with gravel and compacted to form a decent rerouted pathway.

The pathway maintenance was vital as the path was eroding away and it was becoming a safety concern. The route is used daily by members of the public and by Tawd Valley Park Run participants. There is still sections of this particular route that need attention and work will continue in the very near future. Well done to everyone that was involved on Friday.