Team Tawd’s Track Tune-up – Part 1

Earlier this week, Terry and Mike of FoTV took a visit down to the Tawd Valley Park to identify projects that FoTV and volunteers could achieve during the spring and summer months.

One project that required action was the need for maintenance on areas of the riverside pathways that run through the Valley. This had also been flagged up by the host of the Tawd Valley Parkrun group – Paul.

Tawd Valley Parkrun is a fantastic community lead event that runs every Saturday and Sunday. They make practical and effective use of the parks pathways, all while enjoying the calmness and beauty the valley has to offer. If you would like to get involved with parkrun, be it running or even volunteering, then please visit their website: home | Tawd Valley parkrun | Tawd Valley parkrun

FUN FACT: Did you know that our very own FoTV Vice Chair Claire Cooper volunteers at Tawd Valley Parkrun every weekend? Well done, Claire.

Once the problem pathways were identified, Team Tawd and WLBC Park Ranger – Chris got to work on Friday morning, repairing some of the issues. Timber beams and posts were fixed to create side reinforcement, then gravel and stone were used to back fill the eroded pathway, before it was all whacked down to finish. There is still lots to do, but work has begun and “Project Pathway” is well underway.

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