Friends of Tawd Valley Committee Meeting Minutes – 17th October 2023

PRESENT: C. Cooper (other commitment for early part of the meeting), D. Taylor, E. Brookes, D. Brookes, P. Meadows, R. Newby, M. Flaherty


The Vice Chair opened the meeting

  1. Apologies: C. Jones, D. Gibson
  2. Minutes and Matters Arising from previous meeting:  Minutes were AGREED as true record.  Matters arising- no major questions and many issues covered by the agenda.
  3. Chairs update: CC not present at this point in the meeting
  4. Treasurers update:  DT reported that donation from Purple Umbrella has been received.  Possible funding opportunity via WLBC Community Chest- MF to investigate. RN mentioned that funding may be available from WFWT to develop wetland areas- will investigate. DT. Thanked for his update
  5. DCP/WWT Update: MF reported that the EA are looking to fund Flood Management Programmes and bids need to be in by 10 November- MF will investigate. Treescape attended recent DCP meeting and informed that the Glenburn/Westbank site is still officially classed as site for a train station – so no trees on there for now.  Looking to plant on Half Mile Island. MF also reported that the recent Tawd Bio Blitz Data could be used by Natural England for future strategies in NW England. Funding from Wild Isles to be applied for to provide Bio Security and advice notice boards at Half Mile Island fishing lake. Rotary Club Bat Walk delayed until spring 2024- by mutual agreement. Trout in the Classroom- no longer seen as an appropriate project.  Considering other options. Edge Hill University undertaking a project to understand geomorphic and ecological nature of the Tawd Valley. FoTV have recently achieved a Lancashire Wildlife Trust Award for work undertaken in the River Tawd to monitor and improve its condition.  MF thanked for his work on this and also for his update.
  6. Tawd Valley Developments Meeting: the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and TL recently attended a meeting with MK(Director) to discuss further ways of working together.  MK would like FoTV to assist with eco projects on local housing development sites- tree planting, wildflower seeding etc.  MK was also open to helping with purchase of a storage container and helping with recommending someone who could audit FoTV’s financial records.
  7. Community Classroom Lease- still waiting on details from WLBC
  8. Upcoming Events- arrangements put in place visit of WLancs College on 2nd Nov and the Volunteers Session on the 4th
  9. AOB- DT confirmed that he is willing to set up a monthly group in the Community Classroom for younger people to encourage them to come along to the Valley to undertake a variety of projects to encourage appreciation of the environment. DT will apply to the Tesco Community Fund for money to provide equipment and materials.  Several names for this group were discussed with the “Kingfisher Club” being the favourite.  DT thanked for his efforts and AGREED he should progress this.
  10. Date of next meeting- Tuesday 21st November at 6.30pm