Recent Wildlife Sightings – 28/11/2023

Written by: Cornelius Jones

As we move into the colder part of the year, with less hours of daylight and more layers of clothing, it may be harder to spot wildlife. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though – while it has been quiet, the Tawd Valley’s residents are still active and waiting to be found.

Firstly, a Kingfisher – arguably the most iconic species in the town, and the bird displayed in the FoTV logo – has been sighted on the river in the North of the Valley by one of our volunteers. Migratory Pink-footed Geese continue to fly over the Park in their typical V-shaped skeins (flocks), as well as flocks of Thrushes. A watch from the Manfield Allotments, where the headquarters of FoTV is situated, also revealed large numbers of Goldfinches, passing Rooks (presumably from the rookery at Lathom High), and the resident Buzzards. A Kestrel can often be seen hunting on Half-mile Island, and Jays are feeding continuously throughout the woodland, as well as Nuthatches. A Tawny Owl has also been heard calling in the Valley during the hours of darkness.

Grey squirrels continue to be seen, although mammals have been quite evasive as of late – with no further sign of Hares or of Deer. Thankfully, there have also been no recent sightings of invasive American Signal Crayfish… small victories!

As always, if you see anything interesting in the Park, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always happy to hear reports of wildlife sightings.