Fungal and Foraging Fun

This Sunday saw another excellent guided walk play out down in Tawd Valley Park.

FoTV, WLBC Ranger Service and members of the community came together to listen to the fantastic and charismatic, foraging enthusiast – Mark Buxton, as he shared his knowledge and expertise for us on our “Fungal and Foraging Foray” event around Tawd Valley Park.

The morning started off at the allotments, before heading down into the Valley, were the group discovered all sorts of fascinating plant life and fungi. Marks experience really shone through, as he captivated his audience, speaking about the history and stories surrounding some of these wonderful organisms.

The group found species, after species, as they walked down to Mill Lane Bridge, following the path under Houghton’s Road Bridge and then towards Summer Street.

Thank you to everyone who came to show their support and to make this such a successful day. We really hope you enjoyed the event.