Straight out the Gate for February

The great work continues rolling into February, as this year shows no sign of slowing down.

There is so much we have to report on this week. First off, Team Tawd and Ranger Chris have completed another Friday session within Tawd Valley Park. This time around they set about trimming trees along the pathways around Summer Streets Wildflower Meadow and the clearance of leaves from around the valleys MTB Track. Check out the photos below:

Moving swiftly on… Continuing on from last weeks river clean-up, further items were pulled out from the river Tawd on Thursday. They included an office chair and two office type sofas. They were soaked through and weighed an absolute tonne, but they were soon dealt with and reported for collection.

In trout news – On Friday while Team Tawd and Ranger Chris were busy in the valley, Mike (FoTV) joined Groundworks – Samuel Gibson back at Dalton St. Michaels Primary School. The duo checked the tank over, it’s equipment and the nitrate cycle, which makes the water safe for the trout’s arrival. The first session with the students will begin next week. We really can’t wait to take them on a journey on the life cycle of a brown trout.

And Last, but not least, FoTV joined the West Lancashire Park and Countryside Ranger Service in their Elmers Clough Clean-up Event. Elmers Clough is not only an important wildlife corridor between the Beacon Country Park and the Tawd Valley Park, but it is a super important tributary to the River Tawd. The strong team of between 15-20 members of the community got stuck in and pulled all sorts that had been discarded within the clough, as well as performing an epic litter-pick. Everyone did a fantastic job and we can’t thank them enough. It feels like we made a huge difference on the day.

I think you’ll agree that it has been one very busy week!!!