Tawd Telegraph

Hello!!! Welcome back to another blog instalment from Friends of Tawd Valley. We’ve been busy, busy in the first half of March – School visits, forest creation, path clearance. Why not check it all out in more detail below.

Last week was the start of the Mayfly in the Classroom project at Dalton St. Michaels CE Primary School. FoTV’s Mike is collaborating with Samuel from Groundwork CLM, as well as WLBC Ranger Service and the Wild Trout Trust, to bring to life the enigmatic mayfly of the River Tawd for the children of Class 2. The students have been discovering all about mayfly and their lifecycle, what predates mayfly, the issues of river pollution, climate change and much more. The project will come to an end this week with the release of the mayfly. Exciting times.

Next up, Team Tawd and the WLBC Ranger Service continued their amazing path clearance work at the south side of the Valley. Why not check it out? They have nearly reconnected a link, thought to be lost, between Yewdale and Eskdale that runs through Tawd Valley Park. Keep going, guys. You’re doing so well!

And finally, members of FoTV teamed up with a whole host of other groups and organisations to help see through a special Lancashire County Council project at a well known Upholland beauty spot. Check out what the WLBC Parks and Countryside Ranger Service said about the project below:

“Our volunteers spent the morning getting stuck into something a little bit different – the planting of a Miyawaki Forest.

This technique originates in Japan and involves planting young native trees in very dense patches. The trees grow faster as they are competing for light and can be located in areas which aren’t suitable for traditionally planted woodland as they don’t require as much room.

This 850 tree micro forest will store carbon, purify the air and create habitat. All of the organisations and volunteers involved in this project should be rightly proud”.

How cool is that?! Friends of Tawd Valley were proud to be part of such a project. Well done to Ian Wright, Jenny Butler, their teams at Lancashire County Council, and all organisations involved for all the hard work and commitment in getting this project past the finished line. Fantastic!

And that’s your lot. As always, we really appreciate you taking the time to read about what we’ve been doing in Tawd Valley Park and across the borough. Come back soon for more updates.