Valley Updates

Welcome back to another instalment to our blog section, which gives you up to the minute news and stories on what we’ve been up to in Tawd Valley Park. This weeks updates include, more path clearance, tree removal and further snippets from the Mayfly in the Classroom project up at Dalton St. Michaels Primary School. So without further ado, lets delve in…

Groundwork and FoTV were back at Dalton St Michael’s CE Primary School on the 18th March continuing with the Mayfly in the Classroom project. In this session the children discovered what predates mayfly and the effects pollution has on river ecosystems.

But the project updates don’t stop there, a few days later, the duo were back at the school for the final release of the mayfly back into the wild. The children took a short trip to a small Tawd Tributary just off school grounds for the event. They were over the moon to see the the Mayfly take off to complete their lifecycle. We really hope the children have enjoyed themselves and have learned all about the importance of looking after our rivers and wildlife.

Next up, it was another busy Friday morning for Team Tawd and Ranger Chris as they finished clearing the overgrown pathway they’ve been working on recently. There is now a clear route connecting the two subways near The Concourse, a tangible symbol of the dedication and collaboration of the Team Tawd volunteers and the Rangers.

They all took time out to enjoy the pies and cakes brought by Pete Meadows to celebrate his 70th birthday. Many thanks Pete and Happy Birthday from all of us, hopefully you’ll be back volunteering with us very soon.

Keep up the great work, everyone.

The troops don’t stop there though, oh no…

In the sunshine this Good Friday Team Tawd and Ranger Chris embarked on the task of clearing trees that were too close to the wooden bridge near to ‘Skem Beach’ (a name fondly given by local residents for a large sand bank that covers a stretch of the River Tawd). Also, tents that were abandoned nearby were taken away for disposal.

Just to let everyone know that due to safety concerns, the bridge near to ‘Skem Beach’ will be closed until repairs have been carried out.

As we come to the end of the blog, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and really hope you are all enjoy the long weekend. Bye for now.