The Meeting Place Project – Part 1

This weekend FoTV volunteers courageously defied the elements and battled through the cold wind and rain to get the job done.

The Meeting Place Project has been in planning for some time and this Friday and Saturday finally seen spades hit the ground and work get well underway.

On Friday, Team Tawd – Don, Peter and Terry, Volunteers – Alistair, Ste and Andy and Countryside Ranger Chris started the groundwork for the project. They outlined, dugout and began laying gravel in preparation.

Then on the Saturday, 15 volunteers joined the band. They wheelbarrowed tonnes of gravel and lumped timber down to the project site for work to continue. The mounds of gravel were whacked down to create a solid base for the upcoming picnic-tables (that are due to arrive in the very near future) and the timber was used in the building of a large raised bed, ready for a vegetable patch.

Elaine made sure hot tea, coffee and biscuits were on hand to refuel and keep the volunteers refreshed and hydrated. It was much needed and appreciated by all.

When the project is complete, it is hoped that this space will be enjoyed by all visitors to the park. A place to sit down, relax and unwind, take in the beauty that the park has to offer, whilst enjoying the fruit from the community orchard nearby.

A big thank you to the Postal Code Lottery and Asda for helping fund this project and thank you to everyone who turned out to help, this community meeting area is a very special addition to the Tawd Valley Park.

Check out the gallery to see more photos of the weekend.