Committee Meetings

Moving forward FoTV would like to share our committee meeting minutes. This will help you better understand and keep you up to speed with what FoTV have been doing in-between volunteer and event days. Please see February 2023’s FoTV committee meetings minutes below and keep checking back monthly for future meeting minutes:


Minutes of meeting held on 21st February 2023

PRESENT: T. Lake (Chair), M. Flaherty, C. Jones, R. Newby, D. Taylor, P. Meadows, D. Brookes, E. Brookes

APOLOGIES: J. Maher, D. Gibson


  1. TL welcomed everyone to the meeting and apologies were noted
  2. Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising
  3. The Community Classroom’s leaking roof has been dealt with
  4. W Lancs College update- the college has been in touch to arrange date for meeting re getting students involved with work in the valley.  EB to offer college a couple of dates for that meeting
  5. Chair reported that he has had no response so far from DM regarding arranging an official opening date for the Classroom
  6. Chairs Update- TL confirmed that he will definitely be standing down as Chair in May.  To widen the search for a new Chair WLCVS will be publishing an application form and job description to community groups in the hope that someone with business/finance experience may be interested in the role. EB to also alert FoTV Membership and ask for expressions of interest.  AGREED to progress this.  AGM will be on May 25th.  AGREED that EB contact Peter Gateley to be guest speaker
  7. Classroom update- no heating at present.  Water urn damaged and Ranger Service looking to purchase replacement.  Electricity is now in working order.
  8. Need to get water supply turned on- Rangers to sort this. Try to sell off the tables currently in the classroom and replace with stackable tables to create space
  9. Treasurers Update- DT reported on outgoings since the last meeting and the current level of reserves which are earmarked for walkways repairs and Classroom running costs. The purchase of a metal lean to storage shed was AGREED.  FoTV has also recently received a donation of £50 from Pepsi Walker and an expression of interest in employees undertaking voluntary work.
  10. Wild Trout Trust Update- MF reported that contractors have been engaged to remove the weir in the River Tawd.  They will initially clear the area of vegetation including Japanese Knotweed and ensure possible vehicle restrictions are modified to allow for access,
  11. As part of Trout in the Classroom Dalton St Michaels PS now have a fish tank with 100 trout fry happily swimming around and hopefully maturing to be transferred to the Tawd
  12. CJ has recently undertaken kick sampling in Elmers Clough and 30-40 Stonefly counted- this is a sign that the water running through the Tawds tributaries are of good quality.
  13. AGREED that MF and CJ discuss with Ranger Service why not all 3 Cloughs come under the Tawd Valley Park umbrella?  If that was the case FoTV could be involved with the Rangers keeping them in good condition.
  14. TL has evidence that some households that back onto one of the Cloughs are cutting down trees to extend their gardens into the Clough and/or Tawd Valley Park.  TL to report this to Ranger Service.
  15. Calendar of Events- EB to contact CH re amended calendar of events for 2023.  Local Scout Commissioner interested in arranging orienteering sessions in the TVP on the Monday of the Coronation Weekend Celebrations.  AGREED EB contact this person to set up meeting.  Also AGREED that FoTV arrange a morning and afternoon walk on the same day to illustrate how volunteers have improved TVP and to encourage more people to become volunteers.
  16. Tree Planting Sessions- March volunteer session will be preparing the ground for when trees from the Woodland Trust are delivered.  Once date of delivery is known EB to contact local schools and W Lancs College who may want pupils/students to help with planting.  RN suggested that some of the trees be planted around the Ivydale area.
  17. Date of next meeting- Tuesday 21st March.