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Wow! The weeks aren’t half flying by. We are into April already and the weather is now warming up and Tawd Valley Park is slowly waking from its wintery slumber. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing and frogs are croaking. But, before you head out to experience all this beauty for yourself, why not take a look below at what’s happening down in this vibrant valley.

Last Friday, Team Tawd worked with the WLBC Ranger Service to create some Willow & Hazel bundles to reinforce eroded sections of the River Tawd. These will be pinned into the bank to collect sediment and help to protect the bank from further erosion.

This type of green engineering along the banks of the River Tawd will help to slow the natural process of erosion where footpaths are likely to be undercut.

Great work as always by all involved and they come away with the knowledge and skills to help out with this type of work in the future.

Next up, the aforementioned arrival of April marks the start of the riverfly monitoring season, which means only one thing for our “Tawd Riverfly Rangers”… The chance to don the waders, get in the river and do some kick sampling. And that’s just what they did last weekend. They found some fascinating invertebrate species, such as, Dark Olive Mayfly nymph, Caseless Caddis and a variety of Leech species. Well done to the Wader Wanderers.

And that brings us to today (Friday 12th) were Team Tawd joined Ribble Rivers Trust this morning in planting marginal and submerged pond plants to the nearly complete wetland at the bottom of Irwell. The site is looking fantastic and is coming along nicely. We can’t wait to see the finished results.

That’s it for our updates for this week, but why not check out the Friends of Tawd Valley Facebook page to keep in the loop about some brilliant upcoming events, like our brand new Kingfisher Club and a guided Tawd Valley Park bat walk.