FBA Priority Habitat Training

On Saturday, FoTV travelled to Preston College to join other members of friends, rivers and conservation groups in attending the Ribble Rivers Trust’s (RRT) and Freshwater Biological Association’s (FBA) Priority Habitats training day.

The day started with introductions and then went into the theory section of the course. The class went through everything required in conducting a thorough River/Stream/Lake FBA approved survey. They looked at “What are Priority Habitats”, the naturalness method used to conduct a survey and how data is best collected.


After lunch, the class moved on to the practical half of the day at a small brook that runs just passed Preston College called the Savick. Here the team split into pairs and put their newly found knowledge to the test and performed a survey along the Savick’s bank.

When everyone was happy that they had completed their surveys, the troop headed back to the classroom and were shown how they could officially add the recordings they had collected to the FBA’s online database.

The day finished with a Q&A before everyone said their goodbyes and departed.

Thank you to Ribble Rivers Trust and Freshwater Biological Association for providing an excellent training course. It was very informative and interesting, and we look forward to adding the River Tawd to the FBA database in the near future.