Extra!!! Extra!!! Read all about it!

Wow! The weeks aren’t half flying by. We are into April already and the weather is now warming up and Tawd Valley Park is slowly waking from its wintery slumber. Birds are singing, bees are buzzing and frogs are croaking. But, before you head out to experience all this beauty for yourself, why not take … Read more

Valley Updates

Welcome back to another instalment to our blog section, which gives you up to the minute news and stories on what we’ve been up to in Tawd Valley Park. This weeks updates include, more path clearance, tree removal and further snippets from the Mayfly in the Classroom project up at Dalton St. Michaels Primary School. … Read more

Tawd Telegraph

Hello!!! Welcome back to another blog instalment from Friends of Tawd Valley. We’ve been busy, busy in the first half of March – School visits, forest creation, path clearance. Why not check it all out in more detail below. Last week was the start of the Mayfly in the Classroom project at Dalton St. Michaels … Read more

Tawd Roundup

Get prepared for this update by making yourself a brew and putting your feet up, because we’ve been up to quite a bit since the last catch up and there is a lot to get through. Are you ready? Lets do this… Lets begin our blog with the actions of Team Tawd and the Purple … Read more

Spring is in the Air!

As the promising rays of spring’s sunshine slowly, but surely burn their way through the gloomy, black, wintery clouds, they begin to bring some much welcome light and heat to what has been a cold and wet landscape over the past few months. With that in mind, we take a look back at the last … Read more


Check out this absolutely fantastic piece about Friends of Tawd Valley. It’s been put together by Ian Gamester and the The Sewing Rooms team. The piece is made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and is called #SkemLife – Our Lives through the Royal Years – The Reign of Queen Elizabeth II. We can’t … Read more

Wintery Weekly Round-up

This update is definitely a short, but sweet one. First up, WLBC Parks and Countryside Ranger Service shared a really informative post from Skem First Gazette following on from the news of fish being released at Chequer Lane Lake. Check out the link below: Skem First Gazette – The Dangers of Releasing Non-native Fish into … Read more

Green Gazette

Welcome back to one of our super exciting Tawd Valley Park blogs. This week we have a plethora of updates to share with you and we just can’t wait. So, grab yourself a hot drink, some bickies, get yourself comfortable and RELAX! Lets start off with a special delivery – Towards the end of last … Read more

Round-up Robin

A short, but sweet one for this update… January’s second Friday saw Team Tawd along with Rangers Chris and Hallam out repairing a section of footpath along the river, which had been badly damaged by the heavy rain over recent weeks. Meanwhile Ranger Hannah was out with our river specialist Mike and the super Sam … Read more

Welcoming in the New Year

We would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. We hope you all had an amazing festive period, filled with joy, laughter, love and merriment. We’ll get into the swing of things by starting with some absolutely fantastic news. Just before we headed into Christmas our ‘Half-Mile Lake Habitat Improvement’ crowdfunding … Read more